Environmental Effects of Fireworks

Several event organisers and Local Authorities are rightly concerned about the possible negative environmental effects of fireworks ...... Click here to download paper Environmental-effects-of-fireworksDownload

Working on Firework Displays

The BPA is concerned that companies are considering doing much more work on fireworks prior to shipping to the display site than in the past, and have prepared this brief guide to assist members. If you are working on material prior to shipping to a display make...

Importing Fireworks

The BPA is concerned that the temptation to import fireworks direct is overshadowing the legal requirements of doing the importation, and have prepared this brief guide to assist members. Before ordering (ie selection of manufacturing company):- Check the factory can...

Environmental Effects of Fireworks


Information on Mortars

The BPA are aware of very varied practices in the way fireworks, and particularly mortars for shells, are rigged by companies in the UK (and indeed around the World). The BPA made the decision when developing its training courses NOT to dictate the way mortars or...

Selling of Category 4 Fireworks – Information

We are often asked about the selling of Category 4 fireworks to organisations and individuals that have carried out  small displays using Cat3 fireworks and wish, they think, to progress to bigger and better things! In most cases the distinction between a...

HSE/Industry guidance on UN Series 6 tests

Guidance on the UN series 6 tests for classification is now available at