We are often asked about the selling of Category 4 fireworks to organisations and individuals that have carried out  small displays using Cat3 fireworks and wish, they think, to progress to bigger and better things!

In most cases the distinction between a Category 3 and 4 display is quite clear.  If you feel your event has outgrown a Category 3 display then it is time to get in a professional company!

Category 4 fireworks are for use by persons with “Specialist Knowledge” and will require a company to have, in most cases;

  • Adequate legal storage for 365 days (in case some fireworks are not used and are returned to the store)
  • Adequate insurance for 365 days (as above)
  • The means to transport fireworks safely and legally (proper vehicles, trained drivers etc)
  • The means to be able to fuse fireworks to suit the display, and to have suitable classifications and packagings for those “new” items

as well as the technical knowledge and experience to determine appropriate “safety” distances that are applicable under the conditions of the display.

Category 4 fireworks are not simply “bigger” or “better” than Category 3 fireworks – they are often incomplete and require ancillary equipment, whereas Category 3 fireworks are supplied complete.  If used in accordance with the instructions it is perfectly possible to put on a safe, spectacular and extensive display using Category 3 fireworks – paying attention to the minimum safety distances prescribed, and by creative use of a variety of firework types to provide a flowing display with highs and lows and with a suitable finale.  Your supplier will be able to provide assistance, or we recommend that you consult the following book by Dr Tom Smith:–

Firework Displays: Explosive Entertainment – A guide to getting the most from your firework display for designers, firers and event organisers.  See http://www.fd-ee.com for more details.

We recommend that you use a BPA member to arrange and fire your professional display – details of all members are available on the website.