BPA Code of Practice

Members of the British Pyrotechnists Association (the BPA) agree to the following.


  • To maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of their work
  • To meet all legal requirements in respect of manufacture, importation, transport, storage and use of display fireworks
  • To maintain adequate legal storage for Category F4 fireworks
  • To maintain adequate insurance to cover their activities
  • To carry out transport activities in suitable vehicles and with appropriate packaging and classifications
  • To carry out all relevant risk assessments and safety procedures in accordance with the BPA training
  • To fire outdoor displays before 23:00hrs in the UK except in special circumstances as allowed by Regulations or local exemptions
  • To have sufficient staff qualified to Firer or Senior Firer level of the BPA course commensurate with the number of displays staged


BPA companies must agree to demonstrate Continuous Professional Development of their employees with attendance at BPA training courses. Specifically: –

  • To work towards having sufficient staff qualified to Senior Firer level of the BPA course so that every display fired has a senior firer present on site
  • To have sufficient staff qualified to Firer level to ensure the safe rigging and firing of their displays

Disciplinary Actions

Members may be subject to disciplinary proceedings held in accordance with the BPA rules for breaches of this agreed Code of Practice, the sanctions of which include, ultimately, dismissal from the BPA