The BPA is concerned that the temptation to import fireworks direct is overshadowing the legal requirements of doing the importation, and have prepared this brief guide to assist members.

Before ordering (ie selection of manufacturing company):-

  • Check the factory can produce to the desired specification
  • Ensure that they understand the Standards that need to be applied
  • Ensure they are fully compliant with the requirements for packaging of explosives
  • Ensure they are fully conversant with current UK legislation and UKCA compliant as of January 2023
  • Ensure that no prohibited substances (eg HCB) will be used
  • Ensure that they can produce on time – and are not subcontracting work (unless you have agreed it) which may be of an inferior standard.
  • Ensure that they will indemnify you for any breaches of compliance when the goods arrive in the UK

Before the product is shipped:-

Have your products tested in China before shipment

  • Such testing should confirm performance data, CE compliance and chemistry – and should of course be documented
  • Check that they will not place unknown “samples” on to the consignment without declaring to you

Before it arrives in the UK:-

  • Check you have adequate storage to service the import or arrange for suitable storage (of capacity and Hazard Type)
  • If you are splitting a consignment with others ensure either that the haulier will do multiple drops (and that the consignment is organised in such a way to facilitate this) or that the primary destination can accommodate the extra capacity – even for a temporary period
  • Ensure that all items are classified before they arrive in the UK (which may have to be complete before they are shipped)

When it arrives with you:-

  • That it is unloaded in a safe manner
  • That it is placed into storage in a safe manner and in a way that means access is maintained