Application for
BPA Membership

The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) is the trade association for professional firework and pyrotechnic display companies in the UK.

All BPA members operate to a Code of Practice and are committed to raising the professional standards of their companies and their firers.

The 2024 membership criteria and fees are:

  • A significant turnover on professionally fired firework and/or pyrotechnic displays or associated activities
  • Evidence of 2 years Employer, Product and Public liability Insurance of a minimum cover of £5 million[1]
  • HSE or Local Authority licenced facilities (this excludes Registered Premises)[2]
  • Commitment to the BPA Firework Training Scheme[2]
  • A Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)[2]
  • ADR trained drivers[2]
  • Adequate firework fusing facility[2],[3]
  • The 2024 fees for membership are £650 (+ VAT)

All BPA members are required to complete an application form including additional questions prior to acceptance. If you are interested in becoming a BPA Member please click here to download an Application form

[1] Full year insurance covering public and product liability for displays and employers insurance for all work (including preparation, storage and transport)
[2] For companies staging professionally fired firework and/or pyrotechnic displays
[3] Companies will still need to comply with, for instance, transport regulations for the fused product


  • Incorrect use of the logo will be considered a serious disciplinary offence
  • Required ADR drivers – Should be commensurate with the number of vehicle movements subject to ADR

Benefits of membership include:-

  • Access to wealth of experience and information from other members
  • No fewer than three, but usually four, meetings to which all members are invited – a chance to air views, formulate policy, and to interact with some of the most famous names in the industry.  Active, private, website and forum for members
  • Active public website and forum, open to all – a useful place to seek views and promulgate information to non-members
  • Representation on various Government, Industry and other committees including
    British Standards Committee
  • DTI/BIS Firework Publicity campaign
  • BPA office manned to provide consistent information to press and other enquiries
  • BPA information sheets highlighting industry developments, press statements etc
  • Close links with other industry bodies including TESA, EIG and BFA
  • Access to “BPA Box Matrix” scheme – a flexible packaging scheme for the firework and pyrotechnic industries (this scheme is subject to a deposit to BPA and to VCAs fees)