1. General
        a. The association shall be called ‘The British Pyrotechnists Association’ (BPA)

        2. Aims and Objectives of the BPA
        a. To promote the UK professional firework and/or pyrotechnic display industries
        b. To raise the standards of competence and safety within the industry by education, the
        provision of specialist knowledge training courses, examinations and by promoting best

        3. Members of the BPA
        a. Membership of the BPA is for companies involved in the professional firework and/or
        pyrotechnic display industry and not for individuals
        b. The association shall set membership criteria
        c. Membership may be renewed on an annual basis on production of required documents
        and payment of a membership fee

        4. Finances
        a. The association’s financial year shall commence 1st January
        b. Fees will go towards the costs of running the association

        5. General Rules of the BPA
        a. BPA members are required to abide by the rules of the association

        6. BPA General Meetings
        a. General meetings open to all members will be held at least 3 times a year

        7. BPA Management Committee (MC)
        a. BPA members will elect a Management Committee

        8. BPA Chairperson
        a. BPA members will elect a chairperson from the Management Committee

        9. BPA Secretariat
        a. BPA members will appoint an independent secretariat
        b. The secretariat will administer the day to day running of the association

        10. Winding up of the BPA
        a. If the membership is deemed to require winding up all excess funds will be distributed to
        the members at that time in proportion to their membership fees at that time.